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What does 木 mean?
This particular Chinese character, read and used in Korean and Japanese languages which means tree or wood. “木” is pronounced “[mok]” in Korean which is short for one of the days of the week.
When did Thursday Kitchen open?
July 14th 2016

What kind of cuisine does Thursday Kitchen Serve?
International tapas, with French techniques and flares of Spanish and Asian ingredients.
We don’t take reservations but after all tables are taken we start a list which you can put your name and number down. You do not have to wait at the restaurant. We will send you a confirmation text when your table is ready. You and your party will have fifteen minutes to come back to the restaurant and check in or you will be taken off the list. Remember, the entire party must be present to be sat and no additional guests may be added.
While you are waiting…
There are countless great bars nearby and if the weather permits, Tompkins Square park is located only half a block away for a nice stroll or visit to the dog park.
Wait Time?
This can vary at different times and days. For dinner service, our peak hours are from 7pm – 9pm. For those who would like to avoid long waits, we would suggest coming when we open at 5pm-6pm or come 9pm-10pm during the last hour of dinner service.
Private events/Big parties?
A party of more than 6 may not be guaranteed seating and we do not do any buyouts of private events.

Corkage Fee? Can I bring my own cake?
No. We do not allow any kind of outside food or drinks . Our desserts are delicious and we can provide candles if it is a birthday celebration.
We have some wine selections at the restaurant for you guys.

Do you do take-out orders or delivery?
Yes, Take-out is available on our website.
Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, Please send us email to
***Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate the following dietary restrictions or allergies: vegan, vegetarian, dairy, soy, seafood or alliums***

Gluten Free?
We have 4 to 6 options for you gluten free folks. Please email for more information.

We have about 5 to 8 vergetatin options. Please email for more information.

With some alterations to certain dishes, we have created 2-3 options for you vegans out there.
Dairy Free?
We have 2-3 dairy free options on our menu. Sorry no dairy free desserts.

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